Ana Jackson

Ana Jackson is the Stiles Hall Board President. She is Chief Evaluation and Data Strategy Director at Blue Shield of California Foundation. She completed her doctoral work at the Goldman School of Public Policy, focusing on health equity and the social determinants of health.

Josh Fisher

Josh Fisher is the Stiles Hall Board Vice President. Josh is the Founder and CIO of Tamridge Capital and a founding board member of Colorwave. He has served on the Stiles Hall Board for more than 20 years and founded “Touchdown for Kids” in 1995.

Mike Williams

Mike Williams ’82 was vice-chair, of Capital Markets, for Barclays Global Investors, vice-chair of the UC Berkeley Foundation, and Director of Athletics. He and his wife Jeanne have three children.

Jerlena Griffin-Desta

Jerlena Griffin-Desta is the Chief of Staff/Associate Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Diversity at Sonoma State University. Her doctorate degree focused on meritocratic processes in college admissions.

Linda M. Burton

Linda M. Burton is Dean of the School of Social Welfare, who’s focus is inequality and poverty. She also directed NIMH’s African American Mental Health Research Training Program for over a decade.

Na’ilah Nasir

Na’ilah Nasir is President of the Spencer Foundation and president-elect of the American Educational Research Association.

Thelton Henderson

Thelton Henderson was the Senior U.S. District Court Judge for Northern California. Appointed in 1980, he was the Justice Department Civil Rights Division’s first African-American lawyer.

Nancy Skinner

California State Senator Nancy Skinner is the chair of the Budget and Fiscal Review Committee and vice-chair of the Legislative Women’s Caucus,  She is a social justice advocate, energy and climate change trailblazer.

Barbara Lee

Congresswoman Barbara Lee is the former Chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus and cast the only vote against giving President Bush a blank check to wage war after the September 11th attacks.

Maria Echaveste

Maria Echaveste is a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress and former deputy chief of staff to President Clinton and on the board of MALDEF.

Joseph Zwillinger

Joseph Zwillinger is the co-founder and co-CEO of Allbirds and has been affiliated with Stiles Hall since he was a Sports4Kids volunteer in 2000.

Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts was the Director of Forensic Accounting at Morrison & Foerster law firm and was a Partner at Deloitte, an international accounting and consulting firm.

Catherine Jisun Ahn

Catherine Jisun Ahn is the Global Head of Complex Cases for HSBC. She is the daughter of Korean immigrants and has a Masters in Public Affairs from Princeton.

Jose Luis Lopez

José Luis López is General Counsel at Zeplin, previously an associate at Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP. José graduated from UC Berkeley School of Law, co-president of the student body and Editor-in-Chief of the California Law Review.

Fabrizio Mejia

Fabrizio Mejia is the Executive Director of the Centers for Educational Equity and Excellence: Educational Opportunity and Undocumented Student Programs, Transfer, Re-entry & Student Parent Centers, and Student Veteran and Cal Independent Scholars Services.

Jovan Lewis

Jovan Scott Lewis is an associate professor and Chair of Geography at UC, Berkeley.  He co-leads the Economic Disparities research cluster and is a member of the California State Reparations Task Force.

Pia Mishra

Pia Mishra was an associate with CapitalG (Google Investments), was an analyst at Goldman, Sachs, currently working on her Master at the Stanford School of Business.

Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson is a History and English teacher who has led racial equity initiatives at public, charter and private schools in the SF Bay Area.  He is currently a PhD student at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, and also the author of the children’s book, H2O Around the World.

Tere Cruz

Tere Cruz is an Economics Ph.D. Student at the University of California, Berkeley, and a Harvard and McNair Research Scholar