David Stark

Executive Director

Dave has been the Executive Director of Stiles Hall since 1997 and been a part of Stiles for over 35 years. He also is the founder and co-instructor of the Facing You, Facing Me seminar.

Previously he worked for eight years with the largest metropolitan voluntary desegregation program in the country.

Jonathan Nussur

Assistant Director

Jonathan Nussur (pronouns: He series) is a confidence builder, non-profit leader, and health researcher.

As the Assistant Director at Stiles Hall, Jonathan oversees Stiles Hall’s programs and program staff. Jonathan has been connected to Stiles Hall since his undergraduate days at UC Berkeley, when he served as a program coordinator for the Stiles Hall Experience Berkeley Program.

Jonathan is passionate about seeing others succeed and reach their goals. He believes having a college degree opens many doors in your personal and professional life. Through his work at Stiles Hall, his goal is to make sure that students coming from first gen, low-income backgrounds are able to reach institutions of higher education, are placed in the major that best fit them, are able to pursue their passions, and live a full healthy life.

Niyatt Mengis

Director for
Experience Berkeley Transfer

Niyatt Mengis (she/her) is from San Diego, CA and graduated from UC Berkeley in 2019 with a degree in Ethnic Studies and Political Economy. As a first-generation college transfer, Niyatt is intimately aware of the barriers low-income students of color face.

She seeks to repair harm through community, mentorship and transformative programming through Experience Berkeley Transfer.

Itcelia Segoviano

Director of
Experience Berkeley High School

Itcelia is from the Coachella Valley and graduated from UC Berkeley in 2019 with a degree in Legal Studies and minor in Education. Since graduating she has been working with Stiles Hall and has mentored Coachella Valley students through the Experience Berkeley Program.

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Elaine Valenzuela

Director of
Community Service

Elaine Valenzuela(She/Her/Her’s) was born and raised in Huntington Park, California but her heart also belongs to Zacatecas and Durango, Mexico. She began volunteering with the community service programs back in August of 2017 and then became the Sylvia Mendez Elementary Tutoring Coordinator. She is continuing to build mentoring programs for elementary, middle, and high schools that provide pathways to success for both mentors and mentees. 

Linda Smith

Office Manager

Linda is a UC Berkeley Alum with a specialty in Early Childhood Development. She blesses our home and stomachs with her wonderful cooking.

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Marilyn Kihara


Marilyn has worked with Stiles Hall for 39 years, serving first in 1975 as the Director of the Educational Guidance Center.

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